Small Business Coaching and Consulting


SCOTT OCHOA : A CONSULTANT for your business (giving advice and exploring solutions) and a COACH for you (discovering new perspectives and answers for new and old questions in your life).

I’m a good resource if you need help with:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Business Administration
  • Business Owner Work-Life Balance
  • Small Business Communications and Technology
  • Customer Experience Design (retail, service and dining)

What I am:  A trusted advisor, a confidant, a new pair of eyes for your business and personal challenges, a resource with a wealth of knowledge from working with clients since 2003.  You benefit from all my previous client relationships that have molded me into the small business guru I am today.

What I am not:  An implementer, an employee, or a babysitter.

Who do I work with?  Small business owners/Self-Employed individuals

My fancy closing statement and obligatory call to action:

I could have a stuffy picture of me in an expensive-looking suit, posing with an attractive woman next to a fancy car, brag about how many books I’ve written (two actually) or how many clients I’ve worked with (it’s a lot) but I’d rather be down to earth and “real” rather than try to convince you that I’m the best thing since sliced bread.  I might be a good addition to your business team as a Consultant and a Coach for you but only a conversation will tell.  I will provide a free thirty-minute consulting/coaching call so you can see how I work and decide if working with me is something you want to do.  Call or email me today to chat about working with me and experience a consulting/coaching call.  (903) 421-1912 /