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  • Easy fall off the bone slow cooked ribs

    Contrary to what I used to believe, home-cooked, fall of the bone, family-pleasing ribs are not difficult or expensive.  I cook one rack of baby back ribs for the family.  That covers three adults, a teenager and an eleven-year-old.  The last rack I cooked cost $8.00 at Walmart and it was the good ones….pork baby […]

  • Sweet Vanilla Pancakes with optional sweet whipped cream

    Sweet Vanilla Pancakes with optional sweet whipped cream

    I love baking with vanilla so I tend to add more of it to my recipes than others call for. These pancakes are taste-bud-fabulous! They aren’t a plain sponge made for the purpose of soaking up syrup but actually tasty enough to eat plain….but I never do…real maple syrup always joins the fun! Ingredients: 1 […]

  • Texas Sheath Cake (Sheet Cake)

    Texas Sheath Cake (Sheet Cake)

    This recipe was passed down through my wife’s family and ended up in my hands and now is a staple for birthdays at our home.  I received a photo copy of the hand written recipe with the name Texas Sheath Cake on it.  I’m not sure if “sheath” was supposed to be “sheet” and I […]

  • Ridiculously Great Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Ridiculously Great Chocolate Chip Cookies

    The dough in most chocolate chip cookies exists only to hold chocolate chips and isn’t tasty all by itself. The dough of these cookies is epic! It could easily stand on it’s own but add the chocolate chips and it takes this type of cookie to a whole new level. 2 C white flour 1/2 […]